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Talking kitty

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This little chap was a rescue kitty, and all he wants is someone to talk to. Hey! They have the same bedsheets as me.

Fuzzy Cuddly Fuzzballs

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Aaaw. Look at these two little fuzzies nuzzling…three! There’s three brand new baby kitties ambling a…four! five! There are 5 cutest little kittens on a rug, just doing their thing.

Kitten Vs. Watermelon

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Hint: Kitten loses.
Who needs fluffball toys and windup mice when kitties can have hours of fun (well, minutes), just rolling around on the floor with a watermelon.

More Chicks and Kittens

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Here’s tiny little kitten, living in a little box as they do. This one has some company though – super-small chicks who seem to think the kitty’s their mama hen. Fun to watch the kitten chased by the little fuzzballs as they try to snuggle.

Chicks and Kitten!

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Who would believe that a kitten could befriend some ducklings. Well, to be honest he looks a bit more ‘playful’ than the little chicklings would like, but they band together and protect their kind. A fleeting friendship of youth.